My ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate people to get out and actively enjoy our spectacular planet. 
I specialize in nature and outdoor lifestyle visuals. I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark from where I help clients create the stories they want to share with the world. 
I enjoy traveling to remote corners of the world or find new perspectives on known places. I want to create something beautiful and compelling.
I am passionate about new ideas, new collaborations, and new methods of storytelling. I believe stories have the power to change the way people see the world and the way people see themselves. 

Therefor I see a new project as chance to produce something that can move and inspire. I prefer to offer something more than just to deliver "content" (i.e. I am not a monkey with a camera). A creative partnership – one that leads to a finished story infused with meaning it never had before.

Let’s explore the future together!


Gustav Thuesen
Copenhagen, Denmark.
+45 30 68 49 08