The Gear Myth / by Gustav Thuesen

Shot on my old and not so trusty iPhone 4s

Shot on my old and not so trusty iPhone 4s

Many photographers be it hobbyist or pros spend a lot of time watching gear. The inevitable question is what to buy next? With the speed new gear is released these days it easily adds up to quite a few hours watching reviews, DxOMark, YouTube and so on. I’m very guilty of this myself. Thinking of what I could do with that new lens or that new full-frame-low-light-monster camera. The grass is always greener on the other side right? 

But the gear you own now was probably all the rage when you bought it. It had super low light performance, new hi-tech sensor and so on. When you think of your old gear as outdated think again. The thing is people still took amazing photos 5 and 50 years ago. If the photo is strong enough nobody will care if it is noisy or the corners aren’t tack sharp. I saw an billboard add in Copenhagen which was out of focus and very noisy, but it still worked. 

When I bought my first DSLR I only owned a 50mm and I still shot some very good photographs - for two years. Yes it was limiting. The limits pushed me to be more creative. I was forced to work with what I had and slow down a think about each shot. 

Of course sometimes new gear is necessary. To be able to execute a shoot you will sometimes need a special piece of equipment and yes then you should buy it. Buy what is necessary when it is necessary. Distinguish between nice and need to have. 

So work with what you have and stop wasting time trawling the web for new gear and reviews. Get out and shoot instead and spend your money on a plane ticket or gas and take a trip and shoot some amazing photos with what you have.