How photography can grow your business / by Gustav Thuesen

There has generally been consensus that photography is just something that businesses will do themselves with a point and shoot camera or is bought off of some online photo licensing service cheaply. This will ultimately not help the business but rather damage the business. Customers will think it looks unprofessional and cheap. It will deplete the brand. Here are three reasons why photography is important for businesses: 

Professionalism. Want to look professional? You better get a professional to shoot your photos. Most people will notice if the photos are shot by a professional photographer. I’ve seen a ton of businesses which have bought a DSLR to shoot photos for the business. What they forget is that just because you have a DSLR camera you don’t shoot good photos. Pop-up flash, mixed color temperatures, bad lighting and no thought what so ever to composition is common.
Another thing is the amount of time (and money) that is used only to get sub par results. It would most likely take a good chunk of time (and money) to achieve results that are somewhat close to be on par with a professional photographer.  

Stand-out. Many businesses struggle to stand out from the competition. The most important impression is the first impression. Today the first impression is often online. A wall of text doesn’t make a business website stand out - it makes people leave. Compelling photographs will make the site stand out and the visitor will remember it as the-page-with-the-nice-images. Furthermore photography is a point many businesses skimp on so it is an easy area to stand out from the competition. 

Branding. Want a strong brand? Use strong photography. The biggest businesses in the world has a very clear brand. Their visual profile is clear. Do you know it is an Apple commercial before you see the logo? Probably. Their visual profile is consistent. This consistency can be hard to achieve. A professional photographer will know how to create this consistency. 

To look professional you got to have photographs that look professional as well. You can do this yourself but often it will be faster and cheaper to get a professional photographer to do this. This will help the business to stand out from the competition. In the end strong photography will help build a strong and easily recognizable brand.