Adventure & Outdoor Podcasts / by Gustav Thuesen


I think we all enjoy inspiring stories and interesting insights. Listen to bad-ass stories while training for your next adventure or sit back and get educated on new gear, backcountry safety or maybe environmental issues. Here I have collected my favorite outdoor/adventure/gear/nature/athletic podcasts:   

“The Alpinist podcast extends our conversations with climbers and community members into a new medium: from fresh interviews to untold stories, and from humorous adventure tales to in-depth discussions of significant issues in the climbing world today.” - Alpinist website.

No shit there I was stories from legends like Conrad Anker but also reflections on why we go to the mountains and the dangers it represents. If you enjoy big mountains you will probably enjoy this.

Gear nerdery taking to new heights. Diving deep into new boots, ski bindings etc. Interesting to hear the stories behind a product.

…about adventure in wild places. We tell stories about climbers and explorers, lovers and kidnappers, racers, travellers — and even violinists." - Mountain website. 
Stories from big and small adventures. Hiking, biking, climbing.

“Exploring the extremes of human endurance, emotion, and intellect.” - MtnMeister website.
Interviews with world class athletes like Ueli Steck (R.I.P.), Aaron Gwin and Alex Honnold. An insight to the pinnacle of human performance.

“A show about the natural world and how we use it.” - Outside/in website
Stories about wild places and how humans interact with those places in various ways. From ecology to the price of skiing. Behind the scenes of the relationship between nature and man .

Talk Ultra. 
About people who run very(!) far. Geeking out on races and training - it is very niche. Makes your half-marathon look like a walk in the park. Listened to it partly while I ran a marathon and they talked about a woman who had run 100 miles in 13 hours – that’s about four marathons at a 3:15 finish time. I thought if she can run four then I can run one! I finished my single marathon in 4:15.   

The Blister Podcast
Talking to industry professionals, pro athletes and cover topics like backcountry safety and trends in gear. If you enjoy being outdoors, listening to inspiring stories from athletes and like gear this is a good one.  

The Dirtbag Diaries
About wild places and wild adventures. Disclaimer: Don’t listen to the “Tales of Terror” if you got a vivid fantasy – going outdoors will never be the same.

Wild Ideas Worth Living
“What if... You could sail to French Polynesia, run from San Francisco to New York, skateboard down the busiest freeway in California, quit your job and ski around the world, start a business, move to Costa Rica, surf every day, get in the best shape of your life, fall in love, and GET WILD?” - Wild Ideas Worth Living website.
About the people who acted on the “what if”, about the doers – not the dreamers. 

Do you have a favorite podcast? Share it in the comments!