Bergen Burnout / by Gustav Thuesen

An idea turned into reality. Very spontaneously. A road trip to Bergen to watch the cycling world championship? The perfect idea. A buddy and myself rented a car in Malmö and headed north. First through the rather mundane Swedish highways. Then into Norway. Cruising through the Norwegian landscapes is just pure joy for the eye. Sleeping in a car seat - not so much. But the view when you wake up makes you forget how badly you slept.
Fall was in full swing in the mountains and we were greeted by an explosion of orange tones.   

And then we watched a bit of bike racing. The norwegians had really put on a show!

Then we pointed the car back towards Malmö and crossed southern Norway which was beautifully covered in fall colors. 

I had brought the drone so of course I took it for a spin. There is some problems with the firmware causing the videofeed to be mostly all black so I shot this purely on feel. Turned out alright. 

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