Photo Stories

Nepal: A Good Start by Gustav Thuesen

This spring I got the opportunity to follow the Danish mountaineer Jakob Urth to Everest Base Camp - from where he would push onwards to the summit. It turned out to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Landing in Kathmandu was landing on another planet. Busy streets, dirty air, - chaos works apparently. Visited a few temples and explored the city on foot. It took a few days to get into the culture…

And then off towards Lukla. We had bought regular plane tickets. But weather didn’t permit us to fly by fixed wing so we jump in a helicopter instead. Second time in a helicopter. First time was in Greenland. Once you’re in a helicopter you know that adventure is on the way!

It was one memorable flight! Through the lowlands and into the mountains - through rain and clouds. Felt like I was in a movie!

As we started the hike from Lukla it started to rain. What do you do then when you’re bad-ass? Buy umbrellas!

We arrived in a small teahouse Jakob had been many times before. We sat in the kitchen chatting, drinking tea and ate lovely food from the wood fired stove. A good start!

Southern Sweden: Winter Getaway by Gustav Thuesen

I needed to get out and feel the wind under my wings. As I've done many times before I went to southern Sweden. It's perfect for a quick get-away from Copenhagen as it is easy to get to and everything is a bit different on the other side of the sound that separates Denmark and Sweden. The language is different (but fairly similar), the food has different tastes, and the landscape is more rugged and spacious. All enough to make you feel fairly far away although it is very close indeed. A buddy, Philip Høpner aka Leica fanboy (shameless plug:, tagged along for the trip and we spent a few days roaming wintery southern Sweden.

I have made a guide to my favorite spots at the very southern end of Sweden.

Stay curious! 

2017: Year in Review by Gustav Thuesen

Another year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,00 seconds has gone and a new year awaits. 2017 was a great year personally. One of my favorites so far in this thing called life. I went out on a few adventures:

Started the year with a trip to the Alps searching for snow:
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Slept under the stars:
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Went on a spontaneous bikepacking trip to Sweden: 
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Went on a non-spontaneous bikepacking trip from the southernmost point of Sweden to the westernmost point of mainland Norway:

Full of confidence after my successful trip to Norway I decided to go south and try to cross the French alps on foot (600 km). That was a bit more than I could chew - but it ended up being one helluva trip!  
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I couldn't get enough of Norway or cycling so I made a road trip to Bergen to watch the road cycling world championship and to explore the beautiful Norwegian nature along the way: 
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I missed the mountains so I went to the most dangerous (and beautiful) place in Denmark: Møns Klint
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The last real trip of the year was a trip to Bavaria in southern Germany:
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Hope you had some awesome adventures too - big or small they all count! 

Let's do this, 2018! 

Chamonix: The Best Failure of My Life by Gustav Thuesen

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Setting out to cross the French alps on foot was too much for my feet.

My feet definitely wasn't conditioned for heavy trail use after about a year of cycling training. I pushed hard as my legs were fine and my overall cardiovascular shape was alright. But the chain isn't stronger than its weakest link - which this time were my feet (I'll save you for showing photos of them). After about 100 km in 4 days I reached Chamonix and decided to call it.

I reached Chamonix almost the same time as a storm and was basically stuck in my tent for two full days - partly due to the weather and partly due to my feet. After a few days of semi-forced rest I decided to stick around and explore Chamonix. That turned out to be a great experience! Glaciers, rivers, forest, mountain views, snow - what a place!

After little over a week in the Chamonix valley I decided to go home. Originally the plan was to catch a plane in Nice by the mediterranean sea but ended up going back to Geneva. This wasn't the trip I set out to do - and it was hard not to finish what I had started. Nonetheless it ended up being one of the best trips of my life. The French alps are still there - and I'm watching them as I'm getting better at chewing.