Scanian Fall / by Gustav Thuesen

The calendar is saying fall. The weather is saying fall. It is fall. 
I made a small road trip to Scania region in Sweden to shoot photographs of the season.
First stop on the route was Söderåsen national park. The national park is basically a "big" ridge intersected by several fissure valleys. The area is covered in mostly beech forest which makes for some great photographs of the spectacular fall colors.


The next day I drove to Kullaberg, which is another ridge, at the very coast of Sweden. 

I had watched a vlog from Tom Reader where he visited the semi-secret pseudo country of Ladonia. An incredible structure and piece of art made by Lars Vilks.

The trip ended at the very tip of Kullaberg, where I was almost blown into the water by the strong wind. Naturally there was a lighthouse, but also a model of what used to the "lighthouse" - a caged fire on a flag pole. KISS. The light on the trees was from the new lighthouse' light buzzing by.  

Not a bad view to end with. 

See you out there!