Stage 2: the Border crossing. / by Gustav Thuesen

6 days. 
Highlights from the stage: 

  • It was a milestone to cross the Norwegian border! 
  • The hills are getting longer and steeper. 
  • Feeling the solitude. Not that there aren't any people but I don't talk with them other than the occasional curious person who asks about my trip.  
  • Deep: You go out on these journeys to realize an idea/dream (top of Maslow) and end up spending most time on the bottom of Maslow (food, shelter etc.). I guess this removes the noise in between (everyday life) which makes it special.
  • I spooked a badger which was crossing the road but hadn't heard I was coming. I could hear the claws scraping the pavement as it sprinted back into the dense forest. 
  • I'm eating insane amounts of food. 
  • I'm starting to feel a deep tiredness. The bright nights makes it hard to sleep as it is only dark from 00-0330 and combined with long days in the saddle it's taking it's toll. 
  • First rain in a long time. To be continued...
  • Evening swims are the best after a long day!
  • Many places where I would just want to stop and then put time on hold. 
  • Ate half a pack of butter for lunch (with bread). 
  • Killed all life in the bay after washing my socks.