Stage 3: Grand Finale / by Gustav Thuesen

After some time even an adventure becomes everyday. Daily routines and chores. When I have reached that point I have reached the purpose with a trip – to get away from everyday life. A new everyday has slowly taken over the old. One of my chores was breaking down camp every morning. Maybe it was the thought of another morning where I had to put on my dirty wet socks and then stick my feet into my dirty wet shoes that made me want not to get out of the tent. It could just as well be the fatigue of moving to a new place every day.

I think that experiencing and eating are bit the same. After a while you’re full and should take a break to “digest” otherwise you’ll feel sick. Usually a slow morning is enough for me – after a few hours I’ll begin to explore the surroundings anyway. The urge to see what is around the corner or over the hill top never ceases. In Norway there are a lot of hill tops to check out!

After having covered a lot of corners and hills I would occasionally zoom out on the map on my phone and realize how far I had travelled and see how close I was to the end. Actually It is a fairly shocking experience. Me? My legs? That far? And then the day comes when you actually reach the end. The dot on the map you have been fighting for. The fast days, the slow days, the hunger, the thirst, the tiredness, the wet socks, the two ingredient dinners  – everything.

I reached the end of the road a quiet sunny evening after a long day in the saddle. It was actually a bit anticlimactic. There was no welcome committee or champagne (which would have been ridiculously expensive in Norway). Only a few Norwegians out in their boats and a few seagulls fighting. In fact it was just another point on a map that happened to be the westernmost point of mainland Norway.