Swedish Spring / by Gustav Thuesen

Winter was finally easing its death grip as it succumbed to the increasing power of the sun. After a long winter both the natural world and the human body and mind was urging for every ray of sunlight possible. Even if it was just noticeable as a slight touch of a warm hand it was very welcoming as the body was cold to the bone. My girlfriend and I took the trip across Øresund to Sweden as the forecast looked promising.


First stop was Mölle right next to Kullaberg which is one of my favorite areas in southern Sweden. The small town was still in hibernation as it was waiting for summer to drag people from near and far down to the small harbour to enjoy an ice cream. I enjoy visiting these places in the out of season. It has a special feel to it. Like being alone in an amusement park. We enjoyed the rest of the day exploring the desolate and rugged coast along Kullaberg.

The next stop was Söderåsen. I have been here many times before, so instead of going to the place everyone else visits we opted for exploring other parts of the ridge. We found the perfect campsite, put up the tent and enjoyed a little nap after the hard tent-pitching work was done.


The following day we got back to the coast as we had planned to go to Skanör, a small coastal town at the very southwest point of Sweden. The sound of the ocean, the rays of the sun, and the salty air made it feel like summer (almost).

It was a perfect little getaway and a taster of what was soon to come: Summer.

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