Why I Love Photography / by Gustav Thuesen

Me having a zen moment in Les Trois Becs, France. Photo: Jørgen Thuesen (Senior)

Me having a zen moment in Les Trois Becs, France. Photo: Jørgen Thuesen (Senior)

There is a lot of things I love doing in this world: hammering down flowie singletrack on my mountainbike, cooking great food (and eating it), running on beautiful trails, the list goes on. A thing on that list is to photograph or videograph.
When I have my camera in hand my mind changes - from being all over the places thinking about a gazillion things I now focus. It is like an extended zen moment. A creative flow state where one thing leads to the other. I almost get tunnel vision when it’s worst (or best).
 think the reason why I like the things I do is because it demands my full attention. If I don’t give it all my attention I will crash my bike, sprain my ankle, burn the food or miss the shot. In today’s world where our attention is constantly shifted with devices beeping with notifications and news 24/7 it is almost impossible to focus for an extended period of time. Paradoxically a device as hi-tech as a DSLR can make me do just that. 

Another part of photography I love is the way it can tell stories. I remember as a kid listening to my granddad telling stories (some more true than others) and I loved it. Stories is what form us as humans: our experiences. I would rather be rich in stories than money. A good story can like a visual story capture a feeling and pass it on to someone else. It inspires. It moves. 

Why do you like photography? Leave your answer in the comments. 

See you out there!