5 Ways To Create Memorable Product Videos / by Gustav Thuesen

Marketing is about attention. Grabbing attention and more importantly holding it and making a memorable impression. In a world where our attention is in such hot demand it can be tough. 
Therefor it is more important than ever to create awesome memorable videos which show your product. There are some different ways of doing it here are some ideas: 

The weird. Weird is memorable. We all have thought "Now that was weird!". It is very memorable when we see a commercial that is so weird that we absolutely have to see it through to get the relief of knowing what it is all about. A great example is:

Make it natural. A little opposite of the weird above. Showing the products in its natural environment is a great alternative to the classic (and boring) “blank-white-wall-with-voiceover” video. It is an easy way to add a feeling around the brand and make content that is relatable for your target audience. 

Tell a known story in a new way. We all know fairytales, Disney stories, good guy - bad guy, and so on. All these stories would usually be bland and predictable but with a twist the classic story can be an awesome way of storytelling and a funny way to show your product. I think this is actually the first shoe commercial that I enjoyed and watched to end. 

New Context. Putting your product into a totally different context can really awaken the interest of the viewer. Gillette nailed it with this one! 

Move people. Strong emotions are memorable and you can benefit from that. This can make people feel connected and giving your brand a feeling of a higher purpose than just a product. This video from Rapha moved me and I remembered it (and that is why I post it now). Although it is long and maybe more brand building than product showcase. Although it is still a great way to show your products, build your brand and more importantly tell an important and moving story.

This was a few different ways to make your product video more interesting and memorable. Make it so weird that the viewer HAS to see it through. You could also go with the natural feel and show your product in its natural environment. We all known the classic storylines and they can be used with a twist as well. Putting your product into a new context, that the viewer hasn’t expected is also an attention grabber. Another great way to make a memorable impression is with strong feelings. So think outside the box and make it a little weird, moving, or unpredictable - it can go a long way!